Rufus Windows 10

The easiest way to install Windows at your home

Windows is the most using computer operating system at now. But most of the people don’t know how to install the Windows OS by them self. The lots of people are getting help from an expert or hire a professional worker to install. Even though the method that uses for Rufus Windows 10 installation is very interesting. Because it is not a complicated process, it has a very simple installing process that can be done by yourself even at your home. So once you use this software, you can realize how simple it is. So the Rufus Windows 10 is the method which is providing such a simple OS installing process like this.

Rufus Windows 10


Rufus Download

Are you looking forward to knowing much about the Rufus installing method, just keep reading

Main services comes on Rufus Windows 10

USB media installation using bootable ISO for Windows and Linux

Work on a system which doesn’t install an operating system

Flash a BIOS or other firmware from DOS

Run a low-level utility

Well, these are the main services providing by the Rufus Windows 10 bootable software. And the important thing is all of these services can use by yourself very easily. This is a special advantage on this bootable software what other alternatives don’t have.

System requirements for Rufus Windows 10

  • This application is not just for windows 10. It was initially released for Windows XP. But Rufus latest version only supports for Windows 7 and later editions.
  • The Rufus Windows 10 application can use on both 32 and 64-bit system types.

Other requirements

  • Flash drive over 8GB (use an empty device)
  • Download the latest Rufus Windows 10 version
  • ISO file that you are going to install
  • Now let’s talk about the installation process

How to convert a USB drive into a bootable device

Follow these steps to convert your USB device into a bootable USB device to install the OS on your computer.

Steps: –

  • Download the Rufus Windows 10 version from the Rufus Download website.
  • Connect your USB device with your PC.
  • Now go and the downloaded Rufus file and click on it to launch the file.
  • After launching the application a drop-down menu pops up on your screen. So now you must select your USB device.
  • Now you need to put a tick on the “Create a bootable disk” and then select the “ISO Image” from the menu.
  • After that, you can select the ISO image that you want to install with Rufus Windows 10.
  • Then you can click the start button to proceed to the boot process. And also click on the OK button for confirming format the USB.

Well, generally this may take a few minutes to complete the booting process. After a while, you can see a message on your screen as the device is “Ready”.

So this means your USB drive is ready to use for install the OS on your PC with Rufus Windows 10.


You may get a helpful idea on this article about Rufus Windows 10. This is one of the best and easiest method to install Windows by yourself without any problem. Also this application support for several languages with English.

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