Magisk Manager Latest Version v6.0.1

Magisk Manager is one of the best Android Rooting tools in the world. Since the first release of 2016, millions of Android users have downloaded this amazing Android rooting tool to root their devices and unleash the true potential of the devices. The developer of Magisk Manager released their Magisk Manager Latest Version in the recent past with some small new changes. So if you are interested in Android rooting and willing to use the safest and most advanced rooting utility, Magisk Manager Latest Version will be a perfect solution for you and you will be able to download the latest version by reaching the link that I mentioned here.

Magisk Manager Latest Version

Importance of Magisk Root

There are so many different Android rooting tools developed by hackers and developers all around the world. But as there is a high risk of harming device system files, most Android users regret to use those tools. Anyhow Magisk is a 100% open source systemless Android rooting solution and anyone can use magisk without even touching a single system file in your device safely. This is one of the major reason why Magisk Manager Latest Version consider as one of the greatest Android Rooting tools in the industry as well.

Highlighted Features of Magisk Manager

  • Use gain access to do advanced modifications in the device without messing with the Android system. (Systemless Method)
  • You will be able to install some of the best Modules in your device with the help of Magisk Manager Latest Version.
  • Magisk Hide is also one of the best features in Magisk Manager and it allows the user to circumvent Google’s SafetyNet API easily. As a result of that, you will be able to work around Google SafetyNet and use Root unsupported Apps such as Google Pay, Netflix, Snapchat, Pokemon Go etc.
  • You will be able to modify and customize your default Android features by download thousands of different modules on your device for free. Ex. Xposed – Adblocker, emoji replacement etc.
  • According to the developer, Magisk has a consistent update system and those updates will modify the tool according to changes in the field. Ex. Even though Google managed to fix the Safetynet bypass bug, Magisk developer “topjohnwu”(Mr. John WU) is ready to release a new version according to the new changes done by Google.

Download Magisk Manager Latest Version

Magisk was first released to the public on 19 September 2018 in the name of “AutoMagisk 1.0”. Since then there were more than 50 different updates released by the developer of Magisk and the latest version was released on last 15 November 2018 Magisk Manager v6.0.1. So if you going to download Magisk on your device, you must make sure to download the Magisk Manager Latest Version as it includes all the bug fixes and latest updates as well. If you already have Magisk Manager on your device, we highly recommend you to Upgrade it into latest version available from Magisk Manager update section for 100% free.

Unfortunately, Magisk Manager does not available in your Play Store. In that case, you have to download it from a third party website. Anyhow as there are so many fake and scam websites, we recommend you to use Magisk Manager Official website to download Magisk Manager Latest Version 6.0.1 on your Android 5.0+ running device for free.

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