How Magisk Hide Works on Android Smartphones & Tablets

It is well known that Magisk Manager is the most ideal rooting tool developed in the world. As we all know, the Magisk APK includes many modules that feature in many different and unique ways. For instance, Magisk Root, Magisk Hide, Magisk Mount are several modules. You might have a curiosity to know more about How Magisk Hide works.


How Magisk Hide works


Knowing the manner of how Magisk Hide works can keep the user calm and free. Because Magisk Hide is the feature that competes with all security related issues. Before activating the Magisk Hide option, it is better to have an overall idea of how Magisk Hide works.

What is Magisk Hide?

Magisk Hide is one of the most important features of Magisk Manager. This module helps to hide and unhide apps and rooted devices. The latest version comes with Magisk Hide as default. Especially hiding the root permission of banking apps is what made Magisk Hide more worthy. 

How Magisk Hide work?

  • Magisk Hide is a new feature introduced by the Magisk Manager app. But during the short stay, it underwent many improvements and alterations. The latest update has made Magisk Hide as default. Therefore, Magisk Hide only works when you enable it. 
  • Make sure that you choose only the most needed apps to hide. Selecting a long list of installed apps to hide might create issues with Magisk Hide.
  • To check how Magisk Hide works on your device, update the app to the latest version. Additionally, check whether your device is compatible with the latest update.
  • The Magisk Hide app works only when the installed apps are stored in the internal storage of the device.
  • In order to know whether the app really functions in hiding after enabling Magisk Hide, try running Google SafetyNet on the device. Passing the SafetyNet is proof that the Magisk Hide works well.
  • To witness how Magisk Hide works, both the app as well as the rooted device should be updated to the latest versions. And the device should be compatible as per device requirements.

How to Activate the Magisk Hide option? 

Step 1 – Go to settings on the Magisk Manager App

Step 2 –  Enable the Magisk Hide option by switching it on

Step 3 – Click open the slide-out menu of Magisk Hide. 

Step 4 – You will see a list of installed apps on your device.

Step 5 – Tap on the checkbox to select which apps should be hidden. 

Note: these steps are only possible with the updated version and on Android devices above Android 9.


You might now have a clear idea of how Magisk Hide works on your device. If you still have not activated Magisk Hide, follow up on the steps stated above on how Magisk Hide works. Do not think that rooting a device is all you have to do to enjoy your favorite apps. You also have to be safe from being traced by security checkers. Know how Magisk Hide works and get connected with it.

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